Malnutrition is one of the most serious problems facing the third world countries today. India is one of the leading countries in this respect, where about 212 million people are registered as malnutrition. Malnutrition arises due to poverty, when the person is not able to consume a proper diet and hence suffers from several dietary deficiency diseases. It is very necessary to be aware of the proper dietary requirements that must be met for the correct maintenance of the human body. This article deals with emaciation, which is the most prevalent symptom of malnutrition. 
Definition of Emaciation (Shosha Roga)
Emaciation is the condition in which a person suffers from severe nutritional deficiency, due to which the body becomes very lean, almost to the point of skin and bones. Emaciated people are extremely thin, and there is almost no observable flesh anywhere on the body.
The Indian name for emaciation is shosha roga which literally means ‘exploitative disease’. The emaciated body actually looks like someone who has been long tortured and kept away from food. Another term for the disease is karshya. But Karshya means simply ‘leanness’, which could arise due to malnutrition or due to any other disorder. is leanness especially due to malnutrition. In this manner,sosha roga are both distinct disorders, though the symptoms may be the same.