“Shed those extra kilos with ayurveda”
Ayurveda has a solutions for all your problems.If you want to shed those extra kilos?If you want to tone your body?Go natural-go for ayurveda.Ayurvdea has given this therapy Udwarthanam.It is a exceptional therapeutic deep tissue massage using different herbal powders.Udwarthanam actually means to elevate. Ayurvardhini Multispecality Hospital help to get your body in shape with Udwarthanam.We do Udwarthanam both wet and dry depends on the requirement.In Udwarthanam massage elevate hair follicles as well as subcutaneous fat issue.This help to break down subcutaneous fat storage in your body. Ayurvardhini Multispecality Hospital use dry powder in order to reduce blood cholesterol,obesity and skin related problems.It also increase the mobility of your joints, strengths your muscles.You can take package of weight reduction with Ayurvardhini Multispecality Hospital to get most promising effects of slimming your body.
How we do Udwarthanam?
Ayurvardhini Multispecality Hospital gives you a whole package of weight reduction programme.In Udwarthanam our expert masseurs massage in upward stroking with various herbal powders.These herbal powders first warm by heating.They rubbed these herbal powder forcibly on your body.Our trained masseurs do the massage in the opposite direction to hair follicles. Ayurvardhini Multispecality Hospital is specialised in  Udwarthanam treatment.This treatment perform in seven different postures.Then after completing this massage masseur ask you to take rest for next 30 minutes. After that you can take a shower with warm water.